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About Jaahljuu

Graham “Jaahljuu” Richard is a descendant of Kyaanuusalii (Codfish People), a Haida family of Kayxal (the raven matrilineage). He lives in HlGaagilda (Skidegate), Haida Gwaii. He started the Applied Coastal Ecology program at Coast Mountain College in Autumn 2020.

Starting in 2013 he worked with Xaayda GwaayGalang Gan ga Kaaxaajuus (Council of the Haida Nation) in a variety of communications positions. In Autumn 2020 he started working as a Production Manager with Gowgaia Institute's Haida Gwaii Atlas Project, based out of Kay Llnagaay in Haida Gwaii.

He has volunteered with Saahlinda Naay (Haida Gwaii Museum) as a board member and Treasurer since 2013, later joining the Haida Gwaii Repatriation Committee in 2017. He participates in Hltaaxuulang Guud ad K’aajuu, a Haida dance group based at Kay Llnagaay, which has honoured Kuuniisii (Haida ancestors) by supporting unnumbered ceremonies throughout the years. From 2015-2019 he was honoured to support the creation of SGaawaay K‘uuna (Edge of the Knife), a full-length feature film in Haida language, as a script-writer, on-set script supervisor, and promoter.

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