• Students Aim to Combat Period Poverty

    Menstrual products are a basic necessity, but for disadvantaged people or those living in poverty, it can be difficult to find products that are both affordable and sanitary. For students, this issue impedes our day-to-day functioning, and can often put us in undignified situations.
    The Federation’s Executive Committee voted unanimously to endorse the United Way’s Period Promise campaign, and signed on to their Period Promise Policy Agreement on July 3, 2019. With this agreement, the Federation has committed to ensure menstrual products are available free for staff, directors, guests, students, and volunteers in our office.

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  • Statement on National Indigenous Peoples Day

    On National Indigenous Peoples Day, the British Columbia Federation of Students would like to acknowledge the great injustices faced by Indigenous people across this country...

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  • Ridesharing in BC is good for students

    Ridesharing will bring more options in British Columbia. It provides safe, reliable, affordable, and flexible transportation all the while providing students and young people a way to supplement their income.

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