Vancouver Island University Students' Union

Vancouver Island University Students' Union

The VIU Students' Union is a democratic not-for-profit society providing services, events and advocacy to VIU students. Proud members of @TheBCFS

About Vancouver Island University Students' Union

Independent, democratically run, student organizations can be found at almost every public university and college in the country. It goes without saying that student organizations serve as an integral part of a students experience at university or college, and through our organizations students have successfully influenced the decisions made by institutions and government. Students also benefit by finding social outlets in the campus life activities and clubs organized and facilitated by students’ unions, as well as saving money by using students’ union services.

As a member of the Vancouver Island University Students’ Union and the British Columbia Federation of Students, it is important that you take advantage of the benefits of membership to realize the use of these organizations. To learn more about getting the most from your membership, review the services, advocacy work and events listed on our website and read through the free Students’ Union handbook, which is filled with info about services and activities designed with you in mind.

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