The Federation’s primary purpose is to work for an affordable, accessible, high quality, and publicly-funded post-secondary system in British Columbia, and across the country. Effective organizing on these issues requires a three pronged approach that includes research, lobbying and mobilization.


Thorough, accurate, and in-depth research is the basis for any proposal presented to government. The Federation studies and prepares analyses of government policies and trends in post-secondary education, conducts public opinion polling, and develops alternatives that reflect and address students’ concerns. This research is used to influence both government and public opinion.


The Federation meets regularly with elected members of government, political staff, and civil servants, and represents students on a variety of government advisory committees. Both provincially and nationally, student representatives meet with elected members of government during the Federation’s lobby week and bring students’ concerns to the table. Often, decision-makers are very receptive to students’ proposals and agree to implement them or work with students to affect change.


Of course, regular meetings with government and the very best research mean nothing if the government is unsupportive and doesn’t see that a proposal has widespread public support. By mobilizing students and community members through activities as diverse as letter-writing, petitions, mass rallies, protests, and social media, the Federation works to both educate the public about these issues and to put pressure on decision-makers to implement students’ recommendations. Broad-based public support and community building are essential for bringing about positive change in our society.