Our Federation voices students’ issues and concerns to government, while conducting in-depth research to support policy recommendations. Lobbying and accurate research are only effective when students are actively engaged in campaigns to influence the decisions and policies of government.

Past Campaigns

The BC Federation of Students and its predecessor organization have been advocating for students for 50 years. Take a look at a small fraction of some of our past campaigns.

  • Our Time is Now

    PLEDGE TO VOTE! In 2015 young Canadians turned out in record numbers. Pledge to vote this October right now.

  • Grants Not Loans

    BC is the only province that offers neither up-front grants, nor forgivable loans. Instead, the government offers a series of boutique grants and repayment assistance programs that are available to small pockets of the population.

  • Squash The Squeeze

    BC students are graduating with some of the HIGHEST debt levels in Canada. To make matters worse, BC charges the highest rate of interest on student loans of any province at a time when interest rates have never been lower.

  • Your City. Your Vote.

    Whether you live in a rural area, in a small village or town, or in a large urban centre, local government is tasked to take care of community needs. Specifically, local government (municipalities and regional districts) shapes communities by offering essential services, regulates local policies, regulates land-use/development, and plans for the future economic growth of the community. Local governments provide...

  • Don’t Close The Doors

    Doors of opportunity are closing for thousands of British Columbians who are working hard to gain the knowledge and skills they need to get better jobs, support the economy, and create better lives for themselves, and their families.

  • Fight for $15

    British Columbia is beautiful… but has some of the highest cost of living, and some of the lowest minimum wage in Canada. No one who works full-time should be in poverty. Take Action Join the over 45,000 British Columbian’s who agree, it’s time to raise the minimum wage! A visit Fight for $15 BC for more ways to get involved.

  • This Time We Decide

    This Time We Decide, was a get-out-the-vote initiative targeting an increase in youth voter participation through a strategy of encouraging members to “vote social.” The framework of the campaign focused on empowering students to get to the polls by using positive language, and avoided promotion of traditional low levels of youth voters as a means to guilt students into voting...