Coalition campaigns are those which run by other organisations, and which members have decided to endorse and actively participate in. While the Federation plays a role in assisting with on-campus activities, these are not campaigns created by the Federation.

Moose Hide Campaign image

Moose Hide Campaign

The Moose Hide Campaign is a grassroots movement of Indigenous and non-Indigenous men and boys who are standing up against violence against women and children. Wearing a moose hide patch signifies your commitment to honour, respect, and protect the women and children in your life and to work together to end violence against women and children. The BC Federation of Students and its member students’ unions strongly agree that everyone must stand together against violence against women and children.

Let's Get Consensual  image

Let's Get Consensual

Let’s Get Consensual is a student-led movement to end rape culture on post-secondary campuses across BC. The Let's Get Consensual campaign's mission is to make campuses safer by providing judgment-free consent education and training, and to fight rape culture on campuses. From condoms to consent training, we do this in a number of ways: poster and media campaigns, workshops and training, safer sex supplies, student outreach and engagement, and much more!

Period Promise image

Period Promise

The Period Promise is an initiative of the United Way of the Lower Mainland that aims to raise awareness around period poverty and highlight how providing access to free menstrual products increases access to employment, education and social engagement for people who menstruate. Having started as a donation drive initiative called Tampon Tuesday, Period Promise has grown to become an advocacy-based campaign encouraging businesses, organisations, and governments to provide access to free menstrual products.

Seconds Count image

Seconds Count

CUPE 8911 members have launched an ambitious public campaign to raise awareness about critical underfunding and staff shortages at E-Comm 9-1-1. The campaign exposes that recent long wait times and unanswered emergency calls are symptomatic of an understaffed and underfunded service. At our 40th Annual General Meeting, delegates voted to endorse CUPE 8911's Seconds Count campaign.

Public Childcare Now image

Public Childcare Now

B.C. has a childcare crisis, and there is a campaign to create thousands of desperately needed childcare spaces in B.C.’s public schools. At our 40th Annual General Meeting, delegates voted to endorse CUPE BC’s campaign Public Childcare now to call on the government to invest in childcare.

End the Shortages image

End the Shortages

At our 40th Annual General Meeting, delegates voted to endorse the Health Sciences Association's End The Shortages campaign. Health care is more than just doctors and nurses. Shortages of specialized health science professionals are putting patients at risk. Waitlists and backlogs are growing at alarming rates. Piling even more work onto overstretched health science professionals is not a solution.

Care Can't Wait image

Care Can't Wait

For far too long, seniors in B.C.’s care homes haven’t been getting the care they deserve. The pandemic revealed that our long-term care system is fragile and under strain. Seniors and workers are paying the price. Long-term care workers are doing their best, but they can't do it alone. At our 40th Annual General Meeting, delegates voted to endorse the Hospital Employees' Union’s Care Can't Wait campaign and join the calls for a long-term solution for our long-term care system.