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The British Columbia Federation of Students is a provincial alliance of more than 170,000 students at 15 universities, colleges, and institutes in every part of BC. Together we work to provide students with an effective and unified voice to influence access to education.

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Our Campaigns

The BC Federation of Students run a number of campaigns aimed at making our schools and communities better and more equitable.

BC’s future depends on an educated, skilled workforce. But underfunding in the last two decades has led to skyrocketing fees and putting post-secondary education out of reach for too many young people.
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Due to government underfunding, institutions have come to depend on the revenue they receive from increasing fees for international students.
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The high cost of textbooks is creating obstacles for students to be successful in classes. Since 2002, the cost of textbooks has nearly doubled. In fact, 26% of BC students choose to not register for a course due to textbook costs, which negatively impacts their academic career.
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Services We Provide

The BC Federation of Students works to provide a series of high-quality services to our members and affiliated students' unions. From a free campus app to keep you up-to-date about your campus life, to the production of members' handbook and dayplanners that help keep you organised, and our student discount program - The Deals App, we use our collective purchasing power to save you money, and make life easier.

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Happy OER Week!

The BC Federation of Students has been advocating for the funding and adoption of open educational resources for over six years. Every March we look forward to highlighting this important issue and celebrating the work being done to reduce financial barriers caused by the high costs of textbooks and course materials.

Pink Shirt Day 2021

Pink Shirt Day is an opportunity to raise awareness about bullying and talk about its far reaching impacts. Bullying is prevalent in our schools, workplaces and online; chances are you have known or currently know someone who has experienced bullying, or have experienced it yourself.

Advocacy Week February 2021

Advocacy is at the heart of what the BCFS stands for – over the last week we held our annual Advocacy Week, bringing together seventeen students’ associations that represent more than 190,000 students across British Columbia. Student representatives lobbied 60 MLAs from February 8-10 on issues that impact all students across the province.

Our Members

The British Columbia Federation of Students is a provincial alliance of 15 university and college students’ unions from every part of BC.