The BC Federation of Students offers a number of programs and services to meet the unique needs of students, and to help students and member students’ unions save money. Below are just a few of the great services provided to students like you.

Skills Development Symposium

Skills Development Symposium is hosted annually by the BC Federation of Students to bring student activists together to develop skills for the day-to-day operations of a students’ union. Participants will emerge from the Skills Development Symposium with a greater understanding of their role as elected student activists and the information and skills necessary to do their job effectively.

Our next Symposium will be May 31 to June 2, 2019 in Victoria.

All students’ unions are invited to send participants to our Symposium. If you’re interested in attending, send us an email for more information!

sessions FROM previous years INCLUDE:

Introduction to Post-Secondary Education in BC: Decisions affecting students are made every day at the federal, provincial and local levels. To be an effective voice in decision-making, students must know what decisions are made at each level, and must understand the structure of the systems in which we work in. This session reviews the BC post-secondary system and the governance of post-secondary education in Canada.

Understanding Students’ Union Finances: Responsible financial management and oversight is an essential part of the inner workings of a students’ union. This workshop aims to provide participants with an understanding of the basic financial concepts used by students’ unions – big or small. In addition, this workshop reviews best practices for budget and financial management to ensure a successful year.

Strategic Planning to Achieve Your Goals: Between running the students’ union’s ongoing operations, learning the positions to which you were elected, and keeping up with your school work; it can be difficult to realize the goals you originally ran to achieve. Strategic planning can help! This workshop aims to teach skills in evaluating the climate in which you work, setting realistic goals, establishing reasonable timelines, and prioritizing work into sets of tasks you can get done.

Media Relations for the Individual Director: Media relations skills aren’t just for the spokesperson of the students’ union; it takes the work of all board members to effectively spread the word of the good work being done on campaigns and services. An effective message box can ensure that you set the agenda in a debate and offers you a head start in countering your opponents’ message. This workshop helps participants understand how to craft a message box and stick to it. This workshop also helps you understand your audience, identify effective use of traditional and social media as tools to discuss students’ issues.

Other workshops at the Symposium have included: Facilitating Effective Meetings; Students’ Union Rights and Responsibilities; Working Collectively with Staff and Volunteers; and Effective Campaign Organizing.

BCFS BC Federation of Students -health and dental

BC Student Health Consortium

The BC Federation of students helps operate health and dental plans at campuses across British Columbia to ensure students have access to high quality and affordable health and dental coverage.

The Federation works with Green Shield Canada, Canada’s leading not-for-profit insurance provider to provide students coverage on prescription drugs, dental, paramedical services, vision care, among other things.

Want more information about your plan? Visit the participating student union’s websites:

Selkirk College Students’ Union
College of New Caledonia Students’ Union
Emily Carr Students’ Union
Okanagan College Students’ Union
Vancouver Island University Students’ Union
North Island Students’ Union
Students’ Union of Vancouver Community College

BCFS BC Federation of Students Student discount card

Student Discount Program

Being a student is expensive. Tuition fees never seem to stop increasing, rent is out of control, text book prices are outrageous… the list goes on and on.

To help make your day to day life a little more affordable, the Federation and its member students’ unions partner with local businesses to provide student discounts. For the 2018-19 academic year we’ve made the program even easier to access — just use your institution’s student ID! Look for a sticker on the door or window of participating businesses that says “show your student ID here”, and you’ll know they’re supporting students in your community!


Head to your students’ union to pick up a guide to discounts in your region! Or you can download your region’s guide here.

Discount Guide-Vancouver              Discount Guide-Okanagan                Discount Guide-North

Discount Guide-Vancouver Island             Discount Guide-Kootenays





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BCFS BC Federation of Students purchase network

Bulk Purchasing: Membership Outreach Materials

Sustainable Sweatshop-Free Swag

Using the collective purchasing power of our almost 200,000 members, the Federation can secure low-cost, but high quality sustainable and ethical promotional materials for student unions to give away to their members for free. Together, we have save student unions in BC thousands of dollars on their bulk-purchase giveaway items.

The Federation, and its member locals annually give out over 15,000 water bottles, 23,000 pens, 1,000 USBs, 1,500 notebooks free to our members. Want to grab some free BC Federation of Students’ swag? Visit your students’ union or send us an email!

BCFS BC Federation of Students Planner

Members’ Handbook and Dayplanner

Since the late 1990s, the BC Federation of Students has coordinated the Members’ Handbook and Dayplanner service, with the aim of improving the overall quality of student dayplanners and reducing the unit costs of handbooks, particularly for small member locals, through economies of scale.

The handbooks consist of a local-specific section, a section about the Federation, and a calendar and time management pages. The books are produced with full-colour pages, vegetable based-ink, and high quality paper. The Federation subscribes to high sustainability standards, and works with companies who do the same. For several years Mitchell Press has been the printing company for this service; if you’re interested in knowing more about their sustainability initiatives and practices, you can learn about them here.

Need a Members’ Handbook and Dayplanner? Visit your students’ union, or send us an email.

BCFS BC Federation of Students campus app

OOHLALA : Your Campus App!

The BC Federation of Students have partnered with OOHLALA mobile to produce a series of campus applications for our local students’ union. The app contains a campus wall, so you can communicate with your peers, campus information, clubs, events, campaign information, and student discounts. Everything you need to stay in the know on campus, and never miss a free food event ever again.

The application available in the app and google play store, and is free for members to download. Student Unions that are members of the Federation also get to provide the application for free. Find your application below!

University of British Columbia Students’ Union Okanagan
Selkirk College Students’ Union
College of New Caledonia Students’ Union
Douglas Students’ Union
Emily Carr Students’ Union
Okanagan College Students’ Union
Vancouver Island University Students’ Union
North Island Students’ Union
Students’ Union of Vancouver Community College
Camosun College Student Society
Northern British Columbia Graduate Student Society