Students in British Columbia have joined the fight to remove financial barriers to accessing contraception. The Federation ratified its support for the AccessBC campaign, officially endorsing it during our 82nd Semi Annual General meeting on July 17, 2022. Together, we are calling on the provincial government to fulfill their electoral promise and make all prescription contraception free.

Students are already struggling to keep up with the sky-rocketing costs of living coupled with the cost of attending post-secondary education. This endorsement signifies our commitment to accessible education, as access to free contraception allows struggling students to make one less difficult decision: food or contraception.

Students’ unions across BC are speaking up and calling on the provincial government to take more action for reproductive justice in BC. After the devastating news about the overturning of Roe v. Wade in the USA, many BC politicians reaffirmed their commitment to supporting abortion rights, but more needs to be done. Students’ unions are standing up with this movement and are pushing to ensure that everyone has access to free contraceptives without any barriers.

AccessBC is a grassroots, province-wide campaign that advocates for universal no-cost prescription contraception in British Columbia. AccessBC was founded in 2017 in Saanich. Since then, BC residents have mobilized to send in thousands of letters to the provincial government, calling for the implementation of this critical policy.

You can learn more about AccessBC, the need for, and the benefits of making all prescription contraception universally available with no cost and add your voice to calls for action at