Today marks the 10th anniversary of Moose Hide Day and I could not be more proud of everyone who has taken part in this campaign and who continue to stand up, bring awareness, and protect the women and children within their communities.

Women and children should never experience violence, yet it is so prevalent in society. It is our responsibility as men within our communities to speak out against such actions and to prevent such events from taking place.

We also have a responsibility to lead by example and ensure that the youth in our communities know that violence is never the answer to a problem.

Now more than ever, mental health is at the forefront of many conversations; I encourage us as men to work together, talk to each other, and to hold one another accountable. Women and children in all of our communities have the right to live in a safe environment and that begins with us and our actions.

Today is Moose Hide Day – but I encourage all men to carry the same respect and honour for the women and children in their lives, every day, so that they can help create a positive and safe environment for generations to come.

To learn more about the Moose Hide Campaign Day please visit their event page

Cody Isaac


Indigenous Students' Representative