Pink Shirt Day is an opportunity to raise awareness about bullying and talk about its far reaching impacts. Bullying is prevalent in our schools, workplaces and online; chances are you have known or currently know someone who has experienced bullying, or have experienced it yourself.

As a collective of students, it is our responsibility to ensure that one another have safe spaces to learn on and off campus and to stand up against bullying.

Over the last year, our lives have increasingly shifted to spending more time online than ever before; many of us are now learning, working and socializing online. With the increased time online comes more frequent opportunities for people to experience cyberbullying, making it more important than ever to extend our efforts to build safe spaces in our online communities as well.

In 2007, a Nova Scotia student was bullied at school for wearing a pink shirt. His classmates witnessed the incident and organised a group of students to wear pink t-shirts the following day in response – and thus, Pink Shirt Day was born. 

The origins of Pink Shirt Day are a sound reminder of the importance of practising kindness and taking action against bullying when you witness it.

For more resources in identifying bullying and to learn about community supports visit CKNW Kid’s Fund Pink Shirt Day website.

Tanysha Klassen