B.C. has a childcare crisis, and there is a campaign to create thousands of desperately needed childcare spaces in B.C.’s public schools.

At our 40th Annual General Meeting, delegates voted to endorse CUPE BC’s campaign Public Childcare now to call on the government to invest in childcare. Many families are struggling to find care for their children. In cases where they do find care they can afford, these are often out of reach and it makes it difficult to keep their jobs due to time spent commuting. A lack of accessible and affordable childcare makes it hard for parents to attend school or work.


The provincial government is committed to $10 per day childcare, a model CUPE BC and the BCFS strongly supports and advocates for. The federal government is committing significant resources supporting childcare for kids aged 0-5, but what’s missing is new spaces for school-aged kids.

CUPE BC began its campaign for universal public childcare by promoting the “Seamless Day” model for Kindergarten-aged kids. Now that that model is being piloted, in more than 20 districts, it’s time to take the next step: before and after school childcare for all school age children. The most efficient and cost-effective way to get quality, accessible and universal school-aged childcare up and running quickly is to create spaces in public schools.

For parents, it couldn’t be more efficient—drop your kids at school in the morning and pick them up at the end of the day. No more running to multiple locations or juggling competing schedules.

This solution:
  • utilizes facilities that already exist: there's almost no need for capital expenditures or construction.
  • looks to trained, available staff: qualified Education Assistants already are in place, and most don’t currently receive full-time hours.
  • increases learning opportunities
  • provides more customized care and assistance
  • reduces transitions and commutes
  • increases safety and security
  • provides greater accountability
  • is accessible to every family who wants it


Take action today to join the growing number of voices calling for this high quality and affordable model of childcare in communities across our province.

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