BC's Post-Secondary Sector is a Key to Economic Recovery

BC is in the midst of an economic downturn resulting from the COVID–19 global pandemic. Entire sectors of the economy have shut down or minimized operations, and it could be some time before they are running at their pre-February 2020 capacity. In times like these, education is a crucial tool that governments have used to spur economic recovery by training or re-training those who lost their jobs and are seeking new employment. The post-COVID–19 economy may look very different, at least for a time, and it is imperative that British Columbians are equipped with the skills needed to fill labour market demands.

Post-secondary education is key to building a strong, sustainable, innovative economy that works for everyone. By focusing Budget 2021 on affordable and accessible post-secondary education, the government can tackle poverty and inequality, contribute to good-paying jobs in all regions of the province, and ensure people from every background have the opportunity to fully participate in the workforce.

Read the full report here: Fund It, Fix It: BC's Post-Secondary Sector as a Key to BC's Economic Recovery

This report was a submission to the Select Standing Committee on Finance and Government Services for the 2021 budget consultation by the BCFS.

BC Federation of Students


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