On National Indigenous Peoples Day, the British Columbia Federation of Students would like to acknowledge the great injustices faced by Indigenous people across this country as a result of its colonial past and the present colonial laws and policies that continue to undermine the rights and freedoms of the first people of this land.

We would also like to acknowledge the great contributions that Indigenous people make to British Columbia, one of the most diverse provinces in terms of Indigenous culture and heritage. The cultural sharing, the advocacy efforts, and the resiliency of Indigenous peoples within our own organization and elsewhere in the community.

We know that there is a large gap between the proportion of Indigenous learners with university degrees in comparison with non-indigenous learners – highlighting the issue with attainment and access to post-secondary education. This is something that we, as an organization strive to rectify, on today and every day until there is equal access to education for Indigenous people across this province.

So today, let us remember and continue to support the achievements, history, and diversity of Indigenous people, and Indigenous learners in BC and across Canada.

BC Federation of Students


The BC Federation of Students represents over 170,000 students from 14 institutions across BC. Together these students advocate for affordable + accessible post-secondary education.