Let’s Get Consensual is a student-led movement to end rape culture on post-secondary campuses across BC

Our mission is to make campuses safer by providing judgment-free consent education and training, and to fight rape culture on campuses. From condoms to consent training, we do this in a number of ways: poster and media campaigns, workshops and training, safer sex supplies, student outreach and engagement, and much more!

The University of Victoria Students' Society (UVSS) developed this campaign in partnership with the Anti Violence Project (AVP) and has compiled a list of resources and contact information for online, local and on- and off-campus resources for support, healing, information, advocacy and action. Learn more about the UVSS's Let's Get Consensual campaign here.

What's Consent?

There are many different definitions and models of consent that take into account the particular wants, needs, and communication styles of those who practice it.

At LGC, we define consent as a mutual emotional, physical and psychological understanding between people(s) without force of any kind. When engaging intimately with other individuals, consent is necessary to ensure that everybody involved is aware and interested in what is happening. Consent is based on communication, not assumptions.

Consent is:
  • a mutual agreement
  • enthusiastic and ongoing
  • best practiced sober
  • revocable at any time; and
  • everyone's responsibility



If you have been impacted by sexualized violence, directly or indirectly, there are many resources available to you. Find resources in your area.