We made it — it’s September and a new school year is here!

This past year has been interesting to say the least… time has somehow felt like it’s been in slow motion and on fast forward all at once.

The COVID–19 pandemic means this school year will be very different: returning students will continue to adapt to studying online, new students have had their vision of their first semester at college or university turned upside down. As we move through the coming months, we will all undoubtedly have more ups and downs to navigate.

Following physical distancing guidelines for the last six months – many of us struggling to support ourselves without jobs, or working in stressful, essential service positions – hasn’t been easy. But it’s incredible the ways we were able to adapt to help each other and ourselves. That’s what’s truly amazing about students in BC and it’s this resiliency that will allow us to find opportunities in the challenges we face.

Your students’ union directors and staff are also adapting and are doing the very best they can to continue to provide services, advocacy, and even campus life (though it may look very different). Be sure to reach out to learn how you can get involved, and access all the benefits of your membership!

Students across BC have been working together to make education more affordable and accessible, for the last 45 years. Our dedication to this work is unwavering; while you’re being a part of building your campus community – physically or virtually – your provincial students’ union will continue advocating for increased financial aid, and lower tuition fees, for all students.

Together, we will adjust. We will reimagine the ‘new normal’ to come out of this pandemic better than we entered it, and we will make this a year to remember.

Students in BC are stronger together, even when we’re apart. Best of luck in your studies this year!

BC Federation of Students


The BC Federation of Students represents over 170,000 students from 14 institutions across BC. Together these students advocate for affordable + accessible post-secondary education.