The BC Federation of Students has launched a campaign to educate students and young voters about the impact municipal councils have on their daily lives. The campaign, titled Your City. Your Vote., highlights the services run by municipalities and encourages voters to learn about what candidates are saying about issues that are important to them.

“Decisions made by municipal councils impact the everyday lives of students,” said Phoebe Lo Patigdas, Secretary-Treasurer of the BC Federation of Students (BCFS). “The goal of this campaign is to educate and inspire young voters to turn-out to vote in the October municipal elections.”

Whether you live in a rural area, in a small village or town, or in a large urban centre, local government is tasked to take care of community needs. Local government (municipalities and regional districts) shapes communities by offering essential services, regulating local policies, and plans for the future economic growth of the community. The Your City. Your Vote. campaign aims to inform students that local government has influence over a long list of services and regulations that impact the daily lives of everyone in the community. From public transit, to recycling services, to safety, and affordability of housing, it’s easy to find several issues that resonate with voters and will bring people to the polls.

“Decisions made by municipal councils impact the everyday lives of students.”

– Phoebe Lo Patigdas, BCFS Secretary-Treasurer

Students are transient by nature, moving away from their home community to attend school, and often moving from place to place more than once per year. Because of this, it is important for them to ensure their information is up-to-date with Elections BC in advance of voting day. The campaign also aims to ensure that students have the information necessary to do that.

“Students are struggling with the burden of the high cost of education, but on top of that struggle with finding affordable housing and accessible public transit in nearly every region of this province,” said Patigdas. “They will be voting for candidates who have a plan to help improve affordability and enhance much needed services in their communities.”

More information about the campaign can be found here. The campaign is being run by students’ unions at institutions in nearly every region of the province.

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