A United Student Voice

No campus, no matter how big or active, has the resources or political clout to effectively influence post-secondary education policies of the provincial government on its own.

It is much more effective for a large number of students to pool their resources and work together rather than each one undertake this work alone. The combined strength of over 170,000 students in the BCFS have ensured many victories over the years including tuition fee regulations and lower public transit costs.

But despite these victories, students continue to should an increasing portion of the costs of their education. These costs prevent many qualified people from pursuing college or university education. Our tuition fees have more than doubled since 2001; it is essential that students work together to fight for increased funding for post-secondary to remove financial barriers for all students and their families. 

We encourage you to vote yes and join students across BC with an effective and united voice. Since tuition fees, student aid and funding are set by the provincial government, it is important that students are coordinated, organised and represented at a provincial level.